Going too far…

I’ve had this discussion with a few friends over the past few months.  Modern morality seems to be on the move at a rapid rate.  When I was in high school, guys would never ask for or expect that their girlfriends would offer up oral sex.  Maybe that’s due to the influence of our parents who were teens themselves in conservative 60s households.  But over the last decade or so, oral sex has been de-tabooed (?? well you come up with a term) for young people.  The idea of having oral sex with a guy you weren’t sleeping with back in the 80s was not even up for discussion… but nowadays, we’re certainly getting the impression that kids (females in particular) think the whole oral thing isn’t  such a big deal and they’ll get on their knees sooner than they’ll get on their backs!  Weird how thing change.  But now… (and this could be a slightly askew glance at current popular culture), my friends and I have come to the conclusion that anal sex is the new taboo.  Is this due to the inundation or pornography in our homes?  I mean you used to have to go out and seek porn… especially if you lived behind the Banana Curtain, but now it’s right here in our lounge rooms and often whether we asked for it or not!

Recently I saw this quote written by one Jay Wiseman, a rather well known proponent of the BDSM lifestyle, which totally reflected how I was thinking on the topic.  I think that for our 60s parents having premarital sex was the big taboo… it wasn’t generally on the table if you cared for your reputation, and those that were getting it on found themselves swiftly married in many cases for various reasons.  Then when we were knocking around in the late 80s, oral sex was still really a no-go zone  for ‘good girls’ , even within seemingly committed relationships.  And now, here we are another 20 odd years down the track, where it seems that anal is the new oral…. 

Are we headed for a free for all where nothing is off the table for our kids?   😐


“In my life I have seen many sexual activities labeled ‘going too far’. When I was a child in an average American neighborhood sex within marriage was permitted, but pre-marital sex was ‘going too far’. I remember when vaginal interciourse was all right but oral sex was ‘going too far’. Then oral sex became more acceptable but anal sex was ‘going too far’. Then came group sex, then bisexuality, then…. Where will this end???”

Jay Wiseman

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