The worlds need more of these…

Yale flicked me a link to this picture this morning, and even though I’m kinda sick… you know the drill – painful thumping head that feels like it’s stuffed full of cotton wool, husky phone sex voice to die for, disgusting harking noises that should never emit from small blonde people, and aching tired body from lack of sleep, though thank God  the whole sensation of swallowing razor blades abated with the help of modern medicine…. damn but I get off the point quickly.  :S

He flicked me a link to this picture and even though I’m feeling like a wrung out dish rag, I laughed my throaty little stuffed up head off … and then i couldn’t breathe so good… but it was worth it  🙂


I’ve been killing the morning by meticulously avoiding writing job applications….. which means I’ve been browsing my favorite online stores… 

and this groovy design shop….. … where I’ve fallen in love with this mirror 🙂

I’ve also spent a goodly portion of the morning wasting time looking at strange things on eBay…..

And other than that …. searching for nasty domain names online – as you do.  Yep… I’ve spent most of my morning chatting with friends and trying to come up with (no pun intended) dirty domain names all morning.  Which, as it turns out, is a purpose for which i find I might be well suited to.   :S    Nothing like having a new endeavor to exert your creative bent on 🙂