Ohhhh dinner box cat!

I seriously dislike cats.  I’m pretty sure I always have and it seems likely that I probably always will.  There are cat people and there are dog people and never the twain shall meet…  and I think I’ve definitely been residing over in canine territory for quite some time now.

I just don’t like cats….
I don’t like the way they shed hair all over your good clothes.,
I don’t like the way the use their claws to destroy your furntiture.
I don’t like how they fight at night scaring the shit out of you.
I don’t like the way they jump all over the kicthen benches when you’re out.
I don’t like the way cat owners insist they NEVER do this.
I don’t like that we pay council registration fees for dogs but catowners get off free.
I don’t like kitty litter trays in the house (totally gross).
I don’t like LOLcats in any way, shape or form.
I don’t like the way they ”spray’ on your cars or leave dirty footprints on it.
I don’t like that they kill a lot of native birds.
I don’t like cat owners who don’t keep their pets indoors overnight.

i hate cats

I’ve never hurt a cat or anything… I just don’t want them anywhere near me and preferably not on my property.  I’d never deliberately harm a cat – hit it or kick it or run it over in my car (even though I might joke about wanting to) because personally I think anyone who was in the habit of harming small animals should be under watch for other sociopathic tendencies.

But mostly I don’t like the way cat lovers seem to get all wound up if you have the audacity to dislike cats.  Because lets face it… if I said I hated marmosets or something equally banal… no one would give a shit.   😐

I hate cats… Ooooh Dinner Box cat!

How does someone with a well established and well known dislike for cats do a quiz and end up being Catwoman? And while I am on that well established and well known dislike for cats… why do my friends frequently insist on sending me LoLcats? Especially given my equally well known distaste for the bastardization of the English language? The mind boggles.

I can only assume that I’ve somehow managed to very cleverly and calculatedly cloak my intense dislike of cats in general by refraining from kicking the verminous little creatures while their owners are around.