Merry Christmas Everybody.

I finally did it!  I got through an entire Christmas without a single tree killed for my somewhat dubious benefit.  That’s right after over a decade of discouraging people from sending cards and flatly refusing to return cards to people who do send them… finally my house has remained Christmas card free this holiday season!

You see, every year we were getting heaps of them and after Christmas I hated the wastefulness of throwing them in the bin.  I’ve been writing every few years about what a waste of trees, stamps, time, energy and resources that I think Christmas cards are… and every year I have been forever hopeful that none will turn up in the mailbox.  And this year, finally zero cards were received, and the number of cards that were received was ZERO!  I’m so excited, it feels like that time I won the third prize in the local RSL’s chook raffle.

All up we had a wonderful, if exhausting, Christmas.  I did most of my shopping online before we went on holidays, so most of it was completed before I went away and the rest was delivered while we were gone!  Bonus points for for being super organized, and it sure made the week before Christmas a lot easier when we got back.  We spent breakfast and Christmas morning/lunch at my sister, BigSal’s place.  And then onto Mr K’s family for the afternoon and a dinner we really didn’t need by that stage!

The kids had a great time.  As per usual they needed NOTHING…  I swear by the time the Small Child was about three, he already had more toys, than I had in my entire childhood…  But that doesn’t seem to stop us from finding more things they might like – new 3D DS games, loads of clothes to deal with his recent growth spurt, Hobbity stuff we bought in NZ, books, tickets, vouchers, cash and all good things.   I received a very cool iPadAir (no doubt because Mr K wanted his back), two board games, Pandemic AND Ticket to Ride, a much needed massage voucher and lots of other very thoughtful things too.

All up, a lovely family Christmas was had by all and relatively stress free for a change… I could get used to this having Christmas at other people’s places thing.  😛

xmas card 2013

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