Woolworths the Fresh Rude People.

So, it’s no secret that I have a bad back and with that comes lots of shitty limitations.  Not the least of which is a complete inability to deal with recalcitrant shopping trolleys, which inevitably and invariably have busted arse wheels that have a mind of their own.  Over the years, this has led to a deeply ingrained hatred of that most despised of pastimes… grocery shopping.

Many years were spent waiting for Qld to catch up to our southern counterparts and offer the convenience of online grocery shopping; now it’s here if I need to do a large shop I considering jumping on the laptop, avoiding the screaming children at the supermarket and the whole queueing at the checkout thing and do my big shops from home.  Having said that, I’ve only used the service a few times as it’s preferable to con someone into coming and pushing a trolley for me rather than wasting the $10 on a delivery fee.  And, to be honest, it kinda creeps me out a bit that when I log in with my Everyday Rewards card their system brings up a list of all my ‘favourite things’ because I might have purchased them even once over the past few months… big brother is watching and for some reason he gives a shit about what I put in my grocery shop?!?  But this week the email carrying a code for 5 free deliveries ‘’5FREEDELIV’ (feel free to hammer their discount code!) was enough to encourage me to do this fortnight’s shop online.

Oh that and the cheap bacon that was this weeks special:
bacon on special by kilo

Ticking boxes here, checking out specials there, adding as much heavy stuff as I could… and lodged the order complete with free delivery and some 300+ frequent flyer points for my trouble.  Only problem is the little man in the short shorts who just delivered the groceries unceremoniously into my kitchen dropped off a few crates worth and said ‘You seem to be missing a crate, it’s not all here’.  To which I replied ‘Don’t you mean you’re missing a crate?’

delivery screw up

Yes, it seems Woolworths Online know how to take the order, are pretty good at charging you immediately for the order, but take no responsibility for the delivery of the entire order.  So he buggers off leaving me to figure out what is missing!

Bye, bye convenience of shopping online!

End up having to call the Woolworths Online Customer Services Helpdesk, get put on hold before ending up talking to an intellectual Lilliputian named Tania trying to explain that many of my items were missing and that the driver knew it before he even left!  A twenty minute phone call before I manage to communicate to the slightly challenged Tania, all the 6-8 digit codes that belong to the missing items (and I’m pretty certain that I’m going to end up with some unwanted cat food and hair nets judging by her manner and apparently competence) only to be told that they can deliver these items tomorrow morning – right at the time I need to take the Small Child to school – or it’s wait for tomorrow evening!

The long and the short of it… there will be no guacamole or tacos for that matter for dinner tonight!

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