Tickets! We’ve got lots of tickets!

So, after initially planning our first really big family holiday in years… the best laid plans of otters and men went awry when Mr K was accepted into the MBA program this year and his schedule is hectic as all hell.  No holidays for Mr K, who seems moderately disappointed.  🙁  But only moderately disappointed compared to the expression of ‘oh bother’ and unhappy heavy sighs emanating from my mother who was going to join us in a great North American Adventure.

ocean liner scenic ice cliffs

After lengthy discussions… oh, I’d estimate about 3mins and 46 seconds… Aunty Mary and I decided “Hang it! This is a trip of a life time, we’ll go anyway!”  And so began the planning.  Mostly we want to see as much of Canada and Alaska as possible and luckily Quaint-Arse had post Christmas air fare sales on so we have mapped out a trip that looks something like this:

Fly directly to Vancouver, Do Not Pass Go (but have short stop over at LAX), Try not to spend $200 on a cuppa there.  Spend about 14-16 days checking out the famous National Parks that British Columbia/Alberta has to offer – Whistler, Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise etc… and (very importantly) find hot springs!  Will look something like this and take around two weeks:

highlights of canada in two weeks

After travelling around the beautiful Rockies in Canada, hop on board luxurious but moderately sized (all things being relative for the size of the boats that travel these areas) cruise ship for 7 day tour of the Alaskan Inside passage and glacial scenic cruising.  Itinerary for which looks like this:

7 day northbound inside passage tour princess cruises


Put up token resistance about cost of cruise and then get blown away with Balcony room upgrade for same price as Ocean View room on said fancy ship (like the one below but nowhere near this big thankfully!)… not sure the balcony will get a lot of use due to freezing temperatures (well for people from the subtropics) but it will probably afford some great photo opportunities without having to race up on decks.

vancouver to anchorage large ship


We will find ourselves in Anchorage at the end of this section of the trip where we have I think 9-11 days to go check out some of the Alaskan interior.  Very excited about this, places to go see killer whales, walrus and other amazing Artic animals which will be awesome!  Itinerary possibilities for this section are going to look tentatively something like this:

denali national park intrepid


Anyone who knows me at all knows this entire adventure is entirely centred around attempting to get in as many otter sightings as humanly possible… why else would you put yourself through all this painful and long travel?!?  So you know… it’s all about the otters.  🙂

sea otters river ocean conservation cute


Now if all that weren’t exciting exciting enough… on the way home we have to fly back via LAX anyway so we thought we’d pop to Las Vegas for a few days to see some of the Cirque du Soleil shows that are permanently in the Vegas Casinos.  These shows never travel so there’s no other way to see them other than to go there, so we are hoping to catch three or four of them… Will be booking tickets well in advance!  🙂

o mystere ka zumanity


Then it will be back home to gorgeous winter weather in sunny Queensland.  🙂  My biggest concern with this enormous and exciting plan is… how on earth is my back going to hold up under the long haul flights and constant travel?   :S   I foresee a very fine balancing act between enough drugs to manage my back pain, but not so many as to befuddle my memory!  Let’s hope I can pull it off.   😀

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  1. Yahoooooo! Wheeeeee! I’m sooo excited for you & your Mom. Will you two have time for a visit? We’re a little over an hour east of Vancouver. We’d LOVE to see you. You and your Mom are welcome anytime. Please keep me informed of your plans. If I can, I would be happy to meet you somewhere, or have you and your Mom over. I’m sure my parents would love to see you as well. Contrary to some of the snow loving people’s opinions, it is much prettier & easier to travel here in the summer. Highways and airports can be horrible here in the winter. Yipeeeeeee! 😀

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