If you’re sick…

… don’t go to work and share it around, thereby reducing productivity and increasing your own work load when you return because all your colleagues are down with it!

… don’t get on an airplane full of strangers and cough and splutter all over the place so that your germs permeate the entire contained unit that is the plane’s air con system!

… don’t go to the cinema and hack and cough your way through an entire movie sharing your particular flu virus with maybe hundreds of unsuspecting patrons!

… don’t take public transport where you can’t help but end up touching every surface leaving behind microscopic particles of your infected sputum and snot!

… and ferfuxsake don’t go to an RHD seminar and cough all over the students in front of you who themselves are just recovering from the last time some inconsiderate bastard didn’t quarantine themselves!

If you’re sick… stay the fuck at home!

coughing spluttering other people stay home not work sick

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