Dita von Disappointment…

I’ve always been a bit of a Dita von Teese fan.  Bringing back the glamour in a time where the fricken Olsen Twins were getting around looking like homeless crack whores… I’ve always thought ‘Good on her’ for looking beautiful and feminine and well kept.  She’s made a huge brand for herself, revitalised burlesque as an art form, almost single handedly reinvigorated the corset market in main stream fashion and has set a retro trend that has lasted many years now.

naked corset mouth chair twitter dumb

But then I started following her Twitter a little while ago and have noticed she appears to be a woman of little talent and no opinions… either that or she should fire her PR assistant because for someone with such celebrity at her hands (nearly 1.2 million followers) she has absolutely NOTHING to say.  What a disappointment.  Never retweets a good cause, never comments on political or socially important goings on, never expresses an opinion about anything unless it’s her latest show or a new brand of lipstick.   Shame really, because now she is starting to look like she’s famous for having a fabulous wardrobe, for getting her kit off and not much else.  :S

nude burlesque strip tease wallpaper large

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