To Sleep Perchance To Dream.

Ok, having a nightmare tends to be decidedly unpleasant…  having a nightmare that reoccurs over several nights is another matter entirely.  Waking up to the same shitty reoccurring nightmare at 2:50am for the third straight night and then back pain keeping you from going back to sleep turns the slightly inconvenient to a right pain in the arse!  🙁

I had a horrible dream the other night, then yesterday morning again and then the same dream again at stupid o’clock this morning.  And it scared the living hell out of me – each time.  I guess having bad dreams about being in car accidents when you’ve been in a few hideous incidents is likely to do that to you… but this dream seems particularly gut wrenching and particularly vivid, and it is leaving me with a horrible churning sensation in the pit of my stomach…

I was driving in my car, following a friend on a dual carriage way and he was weaving in and out of the traffic a bit and I found myself continually speeding up in an attempt to keep up… but my friend’s car kept pulling further away from me.  I kept watching his car as I tried to catch up to him, when obviously I should have been watching the traffic around me instead.  Suddenly I was faced with a corner (wtf?) that consisted of a red Camry and a blue 4WD.  I didn’t even try to stop – there was no time.  I ran straight into the ‘corner’ at full speed and that sickening sound, the crunch of twisting metal and scraping steel ripped through my head… to me it is the sound of impending trauma and pain.  Lots of pain.

It woke me with a jolt on each occasion and my heart was racing one hundred miles an hour, and I felt like I was going to be sick.  Not a surprising reaction I guess considering I’ve had four nasty MVAs in the past – a couple of which, no one knows how I walked away from.

thermal hot springs monkey butts

I don’t need this…  Why can’t I dream about cabins in the woods with bearskin rugs, fireplaces and cognac or half naked men bearing drinks with little umbrellas in them on white sandy beaches or thermal hot springs filled with monkeys sitting in them getting red butts!  But no.  I get car crashes.   🙁

Maybe I should change my drugs…

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