Word Clouds for shits and giggles.

A friend of mine was doing up some interesting Word Cloud images on Facebook tonight via Tagxedo.com and was coming up with some very creative and cool images full of words describing her friends.  I flicked through to the site and noticed you can use the URL of your blog or Twitter feed or website and it will create one for you based on your content. So I thought I’d give it a burl for a bit of a lark on an otherwise boring Monday night.

Here’s one it created from this blog: www.boryssnorc.com

borys azerbaijan etc

Here’s one I created from my SCA website: www.threegoldbees.com

word cloud for threegoldbees.com

And here’s one I created from my Twitter feed (which I don’t use much tbh): @boryssnorc

tagxedo word cloud twitter

That last one is a bit painful really… but then, so am I.

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