Ouch :(

In the middle of the night… I went walking in my sleep.. through a valley of fear… to a river so deep…
and I don’t remember the rest of the lyrics.

No that’s not what happened.  In the middle of the night, I got up and purposefully strode towards the air con controls in the back hallway because it was hot in the worm Bernard (read: my room was rather warm and the air rather still) to see what the temperature was set on… and totally forgot about the large boards we have placed in the kitchen to hinder the new puppy from getting into the living room areas without supervision.

Which resulted in me falling over at approx 1.20am onto my hands and knees.  So what?  Well, having a wee spill of that nature shouldn’t bother anyone too much I guess… give you a bruised knee perhaps.  Unfortunately that was not my experience.  I feel rather heavily on my hands and immediately felt nauseating pain shooting up my shoulders and neck… and it doesn’t seem to have settled down some 18 odd hours later. 

It better calm back down to it’s usual dull roar soon or I am so fucked …

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