I like men who have a future and women who have a past….

Okay.  At what point am I going to stop having emotional reactions to hearing that friends, even very old friends that I haven’t seen in years, are having families and popping out babies left right and centre?

This is getting to be truly bizarre.  I was on Facebook (as you do) and was popped (Facebook chat ‘pops’ rather than MSN, which ‘pings’) by an old friend… well old friend is kinda not quite right either.  I was once engaged to her brother so I am not sure what that makes us.  She was about ten years younger than we (her brother and I were) and I doted on her, she was the coolest little kid – now not so much with the little kid bit, she’s married with four children, runs her own business with her husband and works in HR for some company she told me but I can’t remember….

Anyway, she ‘popped’ me about an hour ago on the hideously unreliable and shitty Facebook Chat thing and told me that her brother, my ex-fiance (my doesn’t that sound like I have a furtive and interesting past!?! 😉 has two little daughters and his wife, is expecting again.  Twins, nonetheless.  I should be happy for him… but instead I’m sitting here still thinking – why is it so fucking easy for everyone else?  It just does my head in that I’ve been off the IVF merry-go-round since what… about late 2005, and yet my thinking is still stuck where it was five years ago.  When does it go away?

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