Could be I’ve run out of drugs…

I just had the most bizarre dream.

My Dad was still alive and he was in the house on Dickenson St with my Mum and the big old camphor laurel tree from over the back was still there and I turned up there after school/work? and was told they were getting rid of the house and were bringing in a block of townhouses to replace it.  Now I don’t mean that they were demolishing the house and building some townhouses, they somehow took away the house I grew up in and as if by magic but with lots of sweaty workmen running about a entire complete block of townhouses each about the size of my house but attached were put on the block my parents lived on which let me tell you is physically impossible.

The townhouses were one for them, one for my older sister and one for me… my younger sister having decided that she preferred to stay where she was.  We were all so excited to be living back at home but in these huge houses.  There were no stairs yet so I had to climb up this rockface (which was very easy and familiar as it was somewhere we used to climb alot when we were at Straddie as kids) and part way up I found a safe.  I opened the safe and in it there were lots of old photos from when I was a kid, my old Zippo lighter, and other little knick knacks and treasures from when I was younger which I was showing to an old friend (I don’t know who) and reminiscing over them.  

When I finally got into the townhouses, for some reason I expected them to be a bit run down inside or somehow unsubstantial, but everything was all brand new and I remember thinking ‘wow, a suspended concrete floor – that’s a bit full on’ and it was unexpectedly solid given it had just been put there.  So I’m going through the place checking out the building, noting there is space for my dining table and that all my furniture will fit in my townhouse and that the other townhouses were just as huge when I run into another (this time identifiable) old friend whom I haven’t seen for a couple of years.

I got the impression he was sort of squatting there but that everyone knew about it and it was okay.  He was with some guy I didn’t know and they were both looking after babies.  One of the babies was just an infant but my friend was running around after a toddler.  We chatted a bit and I asked about his girlfriend and work and nonsense like that.  He asked after my family and my sister and I told him my family were out and my sister had gone belly dancing.  My friend and I continued to go through the house all interested and excited about the place and everywhere we went he or I would ‘accidentally’ touch each other’s hand or move close to feel the other’s body and then I offered to cook everyone dinner.

I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and my friend was helping me, and we were flirting, bumping into each other and talking when things suddenly turned a bit heated.  I leaned into him and he kissed the back of my neck and he picked me up onto the kitchen bench and started kissing me and I was getting all hot and bothered and knew we were about to have sex but I started to get that ‘hey hang on a minute, someone might come in feeling’ when someone did indeed come in and Mr K knocked on my door and woke me up.

Damn his timing!  Oh and I am sooooo not telling who the guy was but I will say it was not Edouardo and it was someone I haven’t not thought about in quite a while and haven’t seen since oh…   maybe 2005??

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