SMSessage conversation today :)

I’ve been shopping for a decent computer chair.  I suppose it’s something that someone with a bad back ought to have yes?  I found a good chair but they’re not so cheap…

RMB:   Found a very solid chair with decent lumbar support and steel base $440. Is that too much to spend?

KDB:  No such thing as too much with your back.

RMB:  You know I heard those lovely Tiffany & Co. Key pendants are good for back pain…   😀

KDB:  LoL. I am sure they are.  I could try getting you one for your fortieth birthday.  If you ever get there.  Have to get older to have a fortieth  😛

RMB:   Sounds good to me.    🙁

several minutes later…

RMB:  Hi all.  I’m getting in a few years early to beat the rush, and celebrating my 40th Birthday this weekend!!!  Be @ Azerbaijan @ 7pm this Saturday Feb 6th 2010.  As usual, cheesy goodness is on me and BYO booze.  See you all then!  🙂

KDB:  Who did you send that to?!?!

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