Playing handsies… or not.

I went to get my nails done this morning which is rapidly going from being a small indulgence to something I hate.  I don’t follow fashion, I haven’t been to a hairdresser since 1995 and I don’t have a shoe habit so I figure my nails are my one thing that I allow myself because I like having manicured nails (long drawn out and unnecessary explanation omitted but can be found here if anyone wants to psychobabble my ‘hand thing’ or is just plain bored enough).

Anyway, the best nail tech in the shop moved on some time ago and I’ve been basically having different people do them for me since.  Problem is… plenty of them can do as nice a job as she did but none of them are as fast. 

I used to be in and out of there in about 40mins flat and now it seems to be anywhere between 60-90mins.  ‘So what?’ one might say.  Well actually it is a very big deal for me because I can’t sit still that long.  My back and neck are not at all forgiving at being forced to be so sedentary for that extended a period and on occasion I’ve had to leave with my nails half done and once other time I took off for half an hour and had to come back to have them finished.

I’ve heard all sorts of stupid stories of how much pain women endure in the name of beauty but I’m not talking about plastic surgery or brazillian waxing here… I’m just talking about getting a manicure which shouldn’t be inherently painful!   Honestly this is getting to the point where I am asking myself if it’s worth it. 

I really like having lovely feminine looking hands with manicured nails… but I can’t stand the ramped up back pain it’s causing me  🙁

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