Tea… Tee… Ti… “T”

Given my somewhat dubious mental state of late it’s no wonder I’m finding it ever more difficult to think of positive things to write about.  I had abandoned my alphabet a while back but decided forcing myself to try and keep thinking of nice things was a good idea.  So here I’m trying hard to come up with some things I like that start with “T” and very creatively the first thing that comes to mind is “Tea”.  Yeah… I’m really on top of my game here…

List of 10 Things I Like That Start With “T”….
1.   Tea – there’s something wonderfully civilized about a nice cup of tea
2.   True Love – the ‘I love you, dirty secrets, warts and all’ honest sort of love
3.   Train travel –
the motion of a swaying train is so sensual
4.   Tattoos – well executed custom designed personal tattoos… not flash
5.   Typing – the most truly useful thing I learned in high school.
6.   Tudors, The – fantastic show… I’m absolutely loving it
7.   Thesaurus – I like not using the same words over and over
8.   Teachers – they’ve got a hard job and they should be treasured
9.   Terriers – Caesar our Aussie Terrier is a wonderful little guy
10. Thunderstorms – Big, fat cold raindrops falling on your face after a sweltering summers day and the energy of the lightning and the sound of the distant thunder can be exhilarating.  Going out in a storm and getting soaked to the bone then coming in to get all warmed up… you can’t buy that feeling.

Toilet doll crocheted

I mean … honestly!

List of 10 Things I Hate or Dislike That Start With “T”

1.   Trifle – cake and jelly and cus-tard oh my.  Bleurk
2.   Trespassers – personal property or personal space – am often territorial
3.   Tea cosies – little woollen tea cosies? oh dear – grandma alert
4.   Trinket boxes – you’d be hard pressed to find anything more useless
5.   Toilet paper dolls – crocheted Barbies for the loo… i don’t get it
6.   TV theme songs – don’t change them half way through, it pisses us off
7.   Thimbles – hate using thimbles they seem to make me all thumbs
8.   Therapists –  mainly the psycho-babble ones… grrrr
9.   Two Faced – represent yourself honestly & expect the same courtesy
10. Toilet humour – I’ve never quite seen the appeal of poo and fart jokes.  That scene in Something About Mary where the guy gets his penis stuck in his zipper?  And then there was some other teen movie where the toilets exploded and some chick had shit raining down all over her?  I can’t stand that sort of humour and actually find it insulting to my intelligence.  It’s not witty, clever or amusing – it’s purile, banal and utterly aimed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

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