I bet you’re itching by the time you finish reading this…

Fucking nits… just the thought of them makes my scalp crawl.  I remember when I was a kid if anyone at school was itching the nuns would quite literally send them home.  We used to go camping a lot on Stradbroke Island when I was a kid and at least one of us (my sisters and I) used to get sent home after every camping trip  because we’d be itching our heads – from sand fly bites.  It used to annoy my Mum because we’d get sent home but there’d never be head lice, just sand fly bites.

If only the Small Child current itches were from sand fly bites! I REALLY hate nits even the slightest little bit of itching  and I’m checking for head lice.  I have just spent the last hour or so treating the Small Child for the fifth time this year.  I am getting so frustrated with this.  Each time I’ve seen him scratching his head and found lice or eggs in his hair I’ve had to fumigate the poor little bugger with disgusting anti-nit potions that stink to high heaven (God help you if you get it on your hands it makes them stink for the next four days!).  Then I check his hair every day for the next week before the second treatment goes on – and I’m not just going over him with a fine tooth comb… no I’m making the poor little fella sit still in bright light while I go over his entire scalp with tweezers and a jeweller’s loupe!

We’ve done this twice already this year.  He’s been scratching and I found lice and they got treated properly and we’ve totally gotten rid of them twice.  I’ve bought him new a school hat and lectured him about letting other people put his hat on or playing with other people’s hats.  I’ve told him not to lay down beside the other kids at school or put his head too close to anyone else’s head… and yet here we starting all over again with bloody round three!   They just keep coming back!!!   There must be at least one kid in his class whose parents just don’t give a shit.  We didn’t have a single incident with head lice last year but this year it seems never ending. 

I hate nits and I’m so absolutely paranoid about head lice it makes me twitch…. mostly because if I end up with them I’m in BIG trouble.  Trying to get rid of nits is tedious enough but when you’re hair is over 3 foot long… that is so not something I want to have to deal with!!

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