There’s a foul and mysterious odour coming from my room…

I was picking up a few groceries this morning which I’ve been doing more frequently in small lots coser I’ve lost my pusher (my trolley pusher that is) and I picked up some bread, milk, muesli, lettuce, apples and also grabbed a can of deodorant.  Normally this would be totally unremarkable… but there was a small yet determined lady rearranging the stock on the shelving in the toiletries aisle and I couldn’t immediately find the one I normally buy. 

Ordinarily I buy a Rexona brand deodorant in a bloooo tin which is a men’s deodorant.  I have long been in the habit of buying men’s deodorants because I simply can’t stand the smell of the horribe jasmine… lavender…musk… pink pyjama… jam… rose… marshmallow… or whatever the fuck smell it is they put in women’s deodorants that makes them so cloyingly sweet.

Now because I couldn’t find the usual blue Rexona since Ms Small N. Determined had turned the place into a mess that a gaggle of small children would be proud of and I was keen to get out of the place as quickly as possible (have I mentioned how much I loathe and deteste grocery shopping?)… I grabbed the first Rexona deodorant that came to hand.  It was a white tin and I thought it was one of those low scent hypoallergenic nonsense ones and I thought it would do the trick. 

But it wasn’t.  My impulsive and impatient purchase landed me with some hideous Musk scented abomination… and now I can’t venture back into the bathroom for fear of asphyxiating on something that smells like my Grandma’s old drawer liners….. bleurk.

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