Grey Matter

I think I am having a wee deja vu moment.  I remember getting hold of Seasons One and Two of Grey’s Anatomy a couple of years ago and watching all the episodes back to back while I was recovering from yet another IVF surgery.  And I remember thinking at the time that it wasn’t my best laid plan….

I really like the show – most of the characters are engaging (most – Callie is a bit of a drop kick but I really like Christina), the dialogue is interesting (probably due to my lack of medical knowledge) and there is enough romantic entanglements, professional rivalries, complicated friendships and Machiavellian politics going on to sink a battleship!   So it’s on the edge of your seat drama every step of the way…. Dr McDreamy and the Wicked Witch of OBGYN who screws over the doey Meredith….  the really unlikely Burke and Christina thing… the unrequited George and Meredith fiasco with the sad tragic sex thing…. the Mom with the Alzheimers and the inappropriate disclosures about the boss…. and then of course the Izzy and Denny and the thing with the thing…. OMFG.  Talk about exhausting.  I remember thinking that watching this show one episode after the other like that probably isn’t wise.

Anyway… mark forward a few years and I have gotten hold of Seasons Three and Four and I thought I’d sit down and watch Season Three.  Yeah I know… major drama TV probably not advisable when you’re already down in the dumps.  But what the hey?  I thought maybe their lives will be more crap than mine and all will be well with the world.  So I start watching Season Three and quickly realized that I have NO idea who is who… or who is with who… or what the hell was going on… or what has come before.  Totally confused.  I then proceeded to do something really stupid.  I went back to the beginning of Season One for a refresher… and am now nearing the end of Season Three and I am absolutely drained!!!

It feels like being put through the proverbial emotional wringer and yet I can’t stop watching.  I need to know what’s going to happen next.  I think I am going to have to take a forced sabbatical before attacking Season Four as I doubt very strongly that all this high drama would be advised by my psychotherapist…  if I had one of course.

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