Good news on the doorstep…

I went to walk out my door today and was surprised to find a brown paper package all tied up with string… actually, no I can’t back that up.  It was a little brown cardboard box covered in one of those stick-on invoice/picking slip things – which doesn’t have the same ring to it does it?  🙂   Ohh… where did it come from?  Who sent it?  Oh shit no!  It came from the Metropolitan Museum Gift Shop!!!

Fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!!!   Don’t say I’ve gone and done it again!!! 

Running through my head was "I’m sure I didn’t buy anything from the Met gift shop!  I know I didnt.  No.  No, of course I didn’t…  …. did I???"  Since I’ve been on all these crazy arsed medications my short term memory has been shot to shit.  There’s been a couple of parcels turning up here (mostly books) that I didn’t remember ordering and even one situation where two copies of the same book arrived about 10 days apart – Renaissance Jewels, Gold Boxes, and Objets De Vertu… great book by the way .   I had totally forgotten that I had bought it and went and bought it again!!!  That particular little cock up worked out okay though… I gave the second copy to Uncle Surly for his birthday as it was a book that was right up his alley anyway.

But as I was opening this box today I was wracking my drug-fucked little brain trying to remember if I had bought anything from the Met and desperately hoping that I hadn’t spent too much money without remembering having done so?!?!?  But lo’ and behold I open it up and it was an unexpected gift!   For me! 

Just before Christmas i had published a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ list of gift suggestions for Mr K who had offered some insult or other and it seems one of my dearest friends must have clicked through on one of the links and thoughtfully sent me this beautiful Russian mirror pendant –  

Thank you Poppet!
You’re gorgeous!

I am totally touched… but not ‘touched’ as in ‘touched in the head’ kinda "touched"… though you did have me worried for a minute there!  I miss you heaps and can’t wait for you to come home  🙂

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