Hung but not drawn and quartered…. thankfully.

I came back from my trip to Pakistan in July last year and while I was there I bought a lovely Esfahan rug from central Iran…. which has been living ever since rolled up on the floor in my bedroom because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to hang it and I definitely didn’t want to sew a strip on it or anything that would cause damage to it.

So a couple of weeks ago I took it to a rug dealer in Brisbane called Urban Tribes and thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and have them do an insurance valuation and sew a strip on it for me to allow it to be hung up.  It was probably a pretty good sign that it was a nice rug when the staff all came out and started oohing and aahhing over it 🙂   The valuation came back with a nice surprise it is apparently valued at more than twice what I paid for it which is kinda cool.  You always get a little bit worried that you might get ripped off when shopping overseas.  Well I worry about it… especially in shopping environments that require bartering.  I hate bartering and would much prefer if they’d just give a fair price so I can decide if I want it or if can afford it.  Can’t stand the stuffing around and the time wasted going back and forth.  (Mr K is the exact opposite and I remember him arguing hard with some ladies in Indonesia over about 50c when I was buying sarongs!)

I picked up my rug last week and now it’s finally hanging on my wall and I must say it looks even better than I remember when I first bought it.  I can’t believe how well the colours in it go with my house – it’s like it was made for the place all burgundy, navy and gold/mustardy colours.  Normally you should do it the other way around – choose the rug (or artwork) and build up the decor around it, but I must have just gotten lucky I guess.

See abeekay ?  I’m trying hard to look for positives already … though admittedly they are ones from 15mths ago!  🙂

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