“All hail yale! Resurrector of the Dead Memory Card and Recoverer of the Lost Photos of Istanbul!”

A long long time ago (Okay not so long, last year when I was holidaying in Turkey) I wrote the following despondent words…

Alas!!!  A disaster has befallen our heroes!!!  I went to pull out my camera yesterday and was greated by the ominous text … Memory Card Failure !!!  Nooooooo!  How could this be?  I haven’t done anything to you, you little traitorous memory card, you!  How could you fail me now???  And with 200 odd of my photos on it???  If I sound like I’m crying I really, really am!  I need new shoo-hew-hews!!!  

šŸ™  Grrr fucking memory card death.  šŸ™

The bitter disappointment of the dead memory card or the unbackedup file is one of those inherently modern emotions.  We might liken it with an Edwardian lady who loses a treasured lock of hair bestowed upon her by a gentleman come a courting or perhaps even with a man who loses his wedding ring whilst out surfing or something.  The abject feelings of loss whilst keen in both these circumstances are also tinged with a little bit of personal responsibility – If only I had secured that his lock of hair in my locket…. if only I had remembered to take off my ring before I went surfing.   That sort of thing.

But the loss of a document due to a computer mysteriously crashing?  Or the sudden death of a memory card?  Why it’s a betrayal of monumental proportions!  "You!  You heinous piece of technology You!  You have let me down!!!  I did trust you with my important spreadsheet and did believe that you would faithfully record and save safe for me all my precious photographic memories!"  Oh the agonizing betrayal of it all!  Betrayal… heavily lined with indignation – "You’re not supposed to do that…. You mutterfuckingmutterfucking stupid thing!"


Having lived through and somehow survived the despair of the Spontaneous Memory Card Death I can not describe the elation… nay the ecstacy!… of today having my photos restored to me by the Small Computer God (okay at 6’9" he’s not really a ‘small’ anything… but it sounds good) that is  yaleman!    All hail Yale! 

Dr Nick.. your copy will be in the mail asap  šŸ˜‰

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