Dont waste time… spend it.

I’ve spent my weekend doing mundane things…

  • pottering around the house (but not ‘pottering’ in a Patrick Swayze/Ghost kinda way)
  • making meals (good call on the tacos Angel)
  • watching small children for a bit (how does so much noise come from such little people) 
  • embroidering A LOT (whose stupid idea was that?)
  • shopping for poles (nobody gets paid for holding a pole unless you’re Betty from Cardiff!)

And other than that… what else have I done?  Memory failure again… happening far too much.

Think I went to the movies…. yep have just been reliably informed that I went to see Iron Man yesterday… all I remember is that it was interminably long and sitting still so long absolutely killed  my back and the guy had a cool suit or something like that.


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