These pretzels are making me thirsty.

Or at least they would if I substitute ‘pretzels’ for ‘drugs’ and ‘thirsty’ for ‘dopey’.  Because dopey I certainly am nowadays (is nowadays a ‘real’ word?  If it is.. it certainly seems like a lazy sort of stupid’ word.  Hmmm… Oh, yeah so it is – nowadays – adverb the present day; in these times – blargh so much for that.)   Ummm.. Mr K walked in and now I have forgotten what I was going to say.

Oh yeah … dopey I can handle – sort of – well a little bit. 
I don’t mind being unable to drive in the mornings. 
I don’t mind going to see a movie and then forgetting it the next day. 
I don’t mind accidentally buying 3 times as much gold silk as I needed. 
I don’t mind forgetting to pay my phone bill.
I don’t mind accidentally overpaying the cleaner.

But I do mind very much when I’m cooking curry for dinner and absent mindedly put 3 TABLESPOONS of curry paste into the curry instead of the 3 TEASPOONS that the label recommends.   😐



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