Don’t go to War Daddy….

War Day… which tends to affect me not a whit.  I’ve been in the SCA for about 13 years now, and have gone to watch the wars exactly once.  And on that one occasion, I was quite shocked by the raw violence being enacted in front of me by all my friends and acquaintances….. it was really quite confronting.

I guess it’s because we spend our whole lives being taught that we shouldn’t hit people, and here’s a bunch of my close friends and acquaintances, many of them easily identifiable by their heraldry much of which I helped design and can pick out a mile off… and I’m watching them smack each other around the head and running into each other full tilt encased in metal armour.  What is wrong with this picture.?!?!?

Anyway, ever since, I’ve avoided War Day as it tends to remind me that even the most intelligent, kind hearted and charming of men have the capacity for extreme violence given the opportunity… and I don’t even want to think about what it means that these guys are attracted to this as a recreational pursuit!

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