Impaired decision making capabilities? Who me?

My toaster is getting dodgier and dodgier.  It’s doing that Eddie Izzard thing where the turny dial thing is lying to you.. you want 3 Toast and it gives you 2 Toast so you push it back down again and then end up with 5 Toast.   Shits you to tears it does.  So this, coupled with the fact that there have in the past been frequent arguments in this house about exactly which point the onus of responsibility lies in the toast making process, has prompted me to go shopping for a new toaster today.

Which I did.  I thought I wanted one with two halves so you have your four slice toaster and put down just two at a time.  Some of them even have separate heat turny dial controls so they could be left set to two people’s difference preferences which would be just grand.  I thought I wanted one of those… until I saw the fucking price!  One Hundred and Eighty Nine dollars for a toaster!!!  OMG… not in this life time!!!

So no toaster for me.

Instead I found a shiny new electric kettle/jug that is super quiet and has a little bell that goes ‘ding’ when the water is boiled that I totally  didn’t need but thought was kinda cool anyway.  🙂

Tell me what you think