Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Hmmm… Iced VoVos.  I have a packet of Iced VoVos in the cupboard…. and I wanna open ’em, but I know the minute I do, the boys are gonna scoff the entire packet in a day or two… tops.  My old boss, Guz used to buy Iced VoVos special for me at work but whenever I opened up a packet, I’d have one biscuit and then when I came into work the next day there’d be a brand new packet on my desk cos the guys would have eaten the entire packet after I left for the day.

iced vo-vo

Why do guys go for the Iced VoVos??  They’re such a granny sort of biscuit all pink and fluffy… so why do they seem such  favourite with the men?  I remember once when I was little, my father was home for the day because his work had gone on stike…. and he was pissed off about having to stay home when he had so much work to do and was also pissed off about losing a days wages while the Union made their point.   And what exactly were they on strike for?  Goliath (the same Goliath telco that I ended up working for last year)  used to have tea ladies that came around their offices each day with cups of tea and bikkies for all the guys and it seemed that ‘management’ had recently decided to ditch the tea ladies and their bikkies which mean no more Iced VoVos for the boys.   My Dad spent that day thumping around in his bloke cave being pissed off about having to go on “strike over Iced bloody VoVos”.

So now I’d love an Iced VoVo with my cuppa, but if I open ze packet, I pwredict zere vould be nune leff in ze morning!

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