School Daze

It was the Small Child’s first day at my old primary school today and I was admittedly curious to see how he would adapt to all the changes… new uniforms, new surrounds, new classmates… new teacher… new everything.  And while it was new everything for the Small Child, it turns out it was old everything for me.  Walking into his classroom took me on an instant trip down memory lane, it was the exact same room that I was in for Grade Two (and here I’m carbon dating myself) back in 1978.  Sure it felt like the room had shrunk and the black boards were replaced with whiteboards, and the desks were no longer those lift up wooden ones that you had to hold up with your head or else they’d fall down and crush your little hands, but it felt exactly as I remember it!

BigSal, Borys and LittleTish (c. 1981)

What an amazing coincidence that he was going to be in my old classroom…  and it gets better.  His new teacher Mrs W looked vaguely familiar when I walked in…. and lo and behold, turns out to be the exact same teacher that I had when I did Grade Two in that exact same classroom exactly 30 years ago!  Only she was Miss S back then.  🙂   Which is really totally cool…. and at the same time a little creepy.  🙂  Can’t wait to tell Equinom as she was in my class back then too.

So it seems like he settled in quite well and had a pretty good first day – he tells us the teacher asked lots of questions and he knew most of the answers, so he was very excited.  Now all I have to wait for is the day he ‘outs’ us as bad little Catholics by saying something like “God?  What’s that?”   (Ahem…. is it getting a little warm in here?)   I did try to carefully explain to him (okay… it felt more like I was warning him) that at his new school, the teachers may on occasion encourage the entire class to …  well… pray.  His response was (predictably) “Huh??”  

So yeah…. I’m thinking the Godless heathens tag will be stapled to our file sooner rather than later at this rate.  :S 

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