I want a frozen Coke!!!!

A Slurpee!  A Slurpee!  My kingdom for a Slurpee!!!! 

And the bigger the better!  Here’s one place where one doesn’t want to hear that size doesn’t matter!  Oh grrrr…. where’s Catesby when you need him.  🙁    I am suffering from desperate dry mouthedness.  It’s a side effect of one of the medications they’ve got me on and the only thing that seems to alleviate it sucking down on frozen Cokes or cola Slurpees all day ….. which no doubt is doing fantastic things for my daily calorie count I’m sure.  

Upside… the whole uncomfortable dry mouthedness things is giving me the husky/sexy phone voice from hell so if anyone wants a bit o’ good phone… call me 😉

(something tells me that Coca-Cola Amitil won’t mind me using their image)

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