Who said money can’t buy you happiness?

Happy New Year… sniff… sniff…

Normally I love New Years Eve… we get to go to a party, hang out with friends, drink copious quantities of alcohol and then come midnight… run around kissing inappropriate people for the rest of the evening… what’s not to love?  🙂  But this year in my current drug hazed pain wracked state… New Years Eve didn’t seem worth celebrating.  I’d been invited to three NYE parties at GoddessBek’s place, Fav BIL’s place and Angsty Carrot’s place and in the end, I chose to stay home… have Indian take out, a handful of pain killers, barely two bourbons and watch some old movies.

How sad and pathetic am I?   🙁

So 2007 bites the dust and thank fuck for that I say …. cos it truly sucked ass.  Started off on such a promising high point too.. what with my  father passing away and all in January and ended with me having another car accident in November and finding myself unemployed in December!  Woo-hoo!  What a hoot!  Fun for the whole family!

Here’s a Cool vs Uncool list for 2007, starting with the Uncool cos they just seem easier  🙁

Uncool things about 2007
1.   Dad passing away… we knew it was coming but it were still a shock
2.   Motor Vehicle Accident # Four that didn’t kill my little car enough.
3.   Massive increase in back pain since MVA#4
4.   Goliath closing down and our jobs being relocated to Perth!
5.   Having to go job hunting and suck up to total plonkers.
6.   Absolutely no progress made on the Edouardo situation.  🙁
7.   Getting IVF reminder bills and realizing it’s not going away.
8    Still no online grocery shopping in Bris, come on it’s the 21st Century!
9.   The strange arse obsession with Frangipani stickers this year?!?!
10.  Rexona (the bastards) changing their deodorant can to a positively inoperable design – form follows function people!  😐

Cool Things about 2007
1.   Making some new friends at Goliath – particularly yaleman 🙂
2.   Going to visit with MD in Pakistan – what a grand adventure!
3.   Traveling to Turkey with Dr Nick .. no shit there we were!  🙂
4.   Crossing some more things off my ‘To Do Before I Die’ list.
5.   Hot air ballooning over Capydokya… unbelievable!!!
6.   Getting onto Facebook – and finding some old friends.
7.   Buying ridiculously expensive carpet in Pakistan 🙂
8.   Getting my very own website for SCA stuff  🙂  Thanks Yale.
9.   Buying ludicrously expensive noo latex mattress – love it!
10.  Overindulging on food, wine and group orgies with outrageous like minded friends.

Okay… I may have made that last one up …   😉

new years eve

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