Pet Hate #56

I have a rather largish living room, half of which is kinda the designated ‘study’ area, so it’s where I have my desk and my PC.  Which means, I can hear when emails come in or when someone ‘pings’ on the MSN (and by ‘ping’ i mean – sends a message to see if you get a response).  Not surprisingly, many of my friends and relatives will use the IM to contact me if I’m online rather than using the landline or the mobile phone as it often gets my attention just as easily as a phone call but doesn’t cost diddly.

But i absolutely hate it when someone ‘pings’  me on the MSN, seemingly with the intention (I would have thought) of starting a conversation and then they promptly fuck off!!   if you ‘pinged’ me, I figure you must with to converse about something – so come on then…. converse!!  Mostly it pisses me off because I will respond to the IM as I would to a phone call – I’ll often stop what I’m doing and come see what you want.
So while I love the MSN and find it very convenient and useful and if you wanna chat, then great, I’ll come and chat with you. But don’t fuckin’ rattle my cage as though you’ve got something to say and then bugger off for an indeterminate period of time… that’s just rude.  😐



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