Can someone turn down the volume.

When I wake up … in the morning light… I pull on my jeans and I feel alright…  or at least I would if my back weren’t screaming blue murder at me.  This morning when I got up, every sound was shrill and painful to my ears.  My neck was so jammed tight, I could swear I had worn some sort of straight jacket to bed, and I had the worst headache in memory.

So I did my normal morning stumble out of bed, rooted around for my heat pack, made a cup of tea while I stood and stared at it blankly going around and around in the microwave and then glued myself to the couch until the heat seeped back into my body enough to make me feel remotely human again.  Off to the physio this morning for another round of Name that Fucking Painful Muscle Group, and then back to the GP to get a referral to a muscular-skeletal specialist who they want me to visit asap….  so he can stick dirty big needles into my upper thoracic and cervical spine trigger points in a vague hope that it might cut the muscle spasm a bit. 

One of frivolity yesterday… and today I am back to being preoccupied with the back pain.  Not fun… just not having fun.   I wanna go home!

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