All this poking is making me HOT!!! :P

I said yesterday that I would refrain from complaining about my back pain today and find something truly frivolous to write about.  And when one thinks of the ultimate famous forum for fabulous frippery and first class frivolity… (not surprisingly)… Facebook comes to mind.  Months and months ago, Macca-me-mate sent me an invite to join Facebook, and I managed to resist the temptation at that point, but as no doubt has been experienced by many internet dwellers, all good fads come to those who wait…. eventually… and I signed myself up a couple of months ago.

Some people love it, and some people hate it.  It’s a bit hit and miss for me – there’s some big upsides.  One of which is finding old acquaintances.  So far – I’ve managed to catch up with a few old friends, one of whom I lost touch with back in 1992, and it seems a great way to keep in touch with people I’ve met overseas.  So that aspect I am really enjoying.    And now it’s been a few months, I’ve got a bunch of friends (that’d be a generic Canadian ‘bunch’, and the most apt collective noun I could come up with for now) and I’m keeping in touch with loads of people that I used to work with, or travelled with or went to school with – all good!

Except that I kept getting spammed with increasing regularity with heaps of emails encouraging me to….

“Add Hotness now!  Answer my friend’s questions now!  Throw  a sheep back at my friend now!  Calculate my purity score now!  Send Horoscope invitations now!  Accept my friend’s likeness invitation now!   Challenge your movie knowledge now!  Check your Funwall now!  Add a growing gift now!”

And gazillion other strange little applications.  Most of which you add… have a looksee… some are fun… waste a bit of time…. some are not so fun…. promptly delete  🙂   It’s all good… and it’s been even better since I figured out how to turn off all the spamming emails  🙂

So the verdict from here is :  I likes the Facebook.  Maybe this is due to the satisfaction one derives from being able to totally perpetrate a mass defenestration on a couple dozen of your mates… which is something you don’t get to do everyday…. absolutely worth putting up with a bit of spam!   😀

approx 2007 facebook profile visual


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