Never to sit with your back to the oncoming sushi train!

I decided to take Angel to the Sushi Station for dinner last night in a vague attempt to introduce him to something other than the collection of mass produced plastic, polystyrene and petroleum byproducts that passes for food at McDonalds – with less than stella results.

He whinged and bitched and moaned, and said he didn’t like things before he’d even tried them, and had to be coerced and cajoled at every mouthful into eating stuff he normally eats anyway!  Rice, avocado, tuna, prawns, chicken etc… all stuff he eats at home, but you wouldn’t believe how he turned his nose up at it served up looking like sushi.   And I wasn’t even remotely stupid enough to put some of the more adventurous fare in front of him.  Sigh.

But eventually, mainly due to some overt bribery, I managed to ensure that he had a decent enough sized meal that I wouldn’t have to come home and prepare him something else… but fuckin’ hell… it’s like pulling teeth.  Spending your meal haranguing and browbeating a small child into trying something different is not my idea of a fun night out – not to mention that it is hardly beneficial for one’s own digestion!   <insert rolling of eyes here>

So imagine my surprise when in the car after I picked him up this afternoon, he blithely asks if we can go back to the ‘Train Food again tonight, cos it’s really yummy and lots of fun, Mum!’  😐

I give up!

If that thing could talk….

I got my new mattress today!  Which means that Mr K gets mine, and his will be going to a good home.
But it’s kinda sad to see it go… you’ve never seen a spare bed with such a long and illustrious provenance 🙂  I mean honestly!  How many of our friends have had crashed the night and gotten up to who knows what in the back room at Borys’ place…….   ’tis the end of an era 😉



Things at my work have are fun at the moment! 
Fun with a capital fucking “F” !!! 

Today my … drumroll please… my Manager resigned.

Which would normally cause a little consternation about who our new boss is going to end up being – but as it is….this comes hot on the heels of MadMark, one of our Account Managers, resigning last Thursday…. which closely followed another Account Manager, KrazyKylie announcing that she is going to be moving to Mackay in about four weeks…. which works out to be roughly the same time frame Snr Account Manager, ClassyClare is scheduled to go on mat leave… which coincidentally was echoed by another Snr Account Manager, my Team Leader, JazzyJenny announcing earlier this week that she was up the duff too …

Oh and yeah, I almost forgot – another Account Manager – AmbivalentAngela was fired on Monday while I was out of the office.  

So lets see… out of our little branch of eleven… six are leaving between now and mid Nov.  Yay for that!  I’ve been there for nearly a month and a half and am looking like being one of the old timers already!  😐

Hmmm….for reasons that evade me not at all…. I seem unable to shake imagery of rats and sinking ships from my minds eye….

God… someone hand me the classifieds!