Surreal Conversation Number 56

I went to the OB/GYN today…. which in itself is not an out of the ordinary experience I’ll grant you… especially given that I have spent years on IVF treatments which required uncountable gynaecological procedures!  I should be used to it by now, yes?

Well today… I was on the table, in the most indecorous of recumbent positions (you know what I’m talking about, girls), and had a conversation that went a bit like this….

Gyno:   So…. Borys…. what sort of work do you do?
Me:   At the moment, I’m a Wireless Broadband Consultant for Goliath….
Gyno:   Oh, right… you support those new blue USB modems thingys do you?
Me:   (hesitant) Err … yeeessss…
Gyno:   You know… I was down the Gold Coast over the weekend, and l couldn’t get my thing to connect… all I kept getting was ‘page cannot be displayed’…..

Oh please!  Give me a break!  Is it really appropriate to pump me for IT support while you’re down there?!?!?  How embarrassment…

So much worse than trying to make small talk with your dentist!  🙁

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