Does anybody know?

HelpDesk Chickie:  What sort of internet do you have?
Customer #147: (sounding confident)  I have the ADSL Cable Wireless.

How can you have purchased something, or in my book even worse, signed up a contract for a long term service, and yet have absolutely no idea what you’ve bought yourself into?  I reckon about 40-50% of the people I speak to at work every day have absolutely no idea what they’ve bought.  Many of them barely seem to know how their internet access is delivered to house, let alone what sort of account they have or how their connection works.  It’s weird…. I mean I’m not the most techno savvy person on the planet (I’m getting better – honest) but I’ve always known that I have (or rather… ‘had’ – we switched to ADSL this week!) cable internet access, and had rough understanding of how it got into my house and how it was connected to my computer.  I am just finding it amazing that so many people we talk to haven’t got a clue what they got…. and they paid good money for it!  :S

All they know is … you turn it on … and it works …. and if you turn it on … and it doesn’t work … call tech support and demand they fix it.  I particularly love the customers who want you to fix their internet for them when they aren’t on the premises.  Yep…  goes something like this…

Customer:    Hi my internet isn’t working…

HelpDesk Chickie:  What’s your username and what sort of internet do you have?

Customer:   Ummm… my username is [email protected] & we have ADSL I think.

Help Desk Chickie: 
    Okay, I’ll just run a test out on the line while I look up your account…. 
    Everything seems to be okay on the line … your modem is logged in..
    It might be your wifi connection that is giving you troubles…
    Can I get you to click on the Start Menu please…

Customer:  Oh, I’m not at home, I’m calling from work… can’t you just fix it?

I’m obviously spending way too much time at work and have nothing else to write about!  :S   Have to fix that I guess… will have to see what exciting things I can get up to on the weekend.

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