No use crying over spilt coffee….

It’s official … the coffee machine annoys me… it’s noisy, it’s messy and worst of all it smells out the entire kitchen of coffee.  🙁

My anal retentive nature has discovered new levels of twitchiness associated with the damn thing too!  There was  small puddle of coffee spilt on my kitchen floor…  and I mean small when I say small…It was barely the size of a 50c piece… but it was there…. a malignant little brown splodge on my pale grey kitchen tiles.  And once I’d seen it, it was the only thing I could see whenever I went near the kitchen.  I figured Mr K surely couldn’t ignore such an obvious blight, and felt I should leave it there for him to clean up.  And I promised myself I wouldn’t mention it to him…. and wait for it to make him twitch in turn.

Some time passed, more coffees were made, plenty of malingering in the general vicinity of the kitchen and the offending stain seemed to occur, and yet it didn’t seem to affect him.  😐   Subtle as ever, I changed my MSN by line to read “I like my men like I like my coffee… as a puddle on the floor!”  which he did comment on, and did find amusing… but somehow he remained oblivious to the mess on my floor!!!

Woke up this morning, took one look in direction of kitchen, immediately noted the continued presence of the disagreeable smudge… and cleaned it up myself.  🙁  So much for resolve…  less than 36 hours, and I couldn’t stand it any longer!

a clean house is a sign of sever psychosis


Worst Mom Ever :(

The Goddamn Fucking ToothFairy!!!
Hopeless, I’m absolutely hopeless!  Yesterday afternoon while I was at work, Angel lost a tooth that had been wiggling for the last week or so…. which naturally ought necessitate a visit from the ToothFairy… if you’re Mom’s on top of her game that is!

I know!  Pathetic… absolutely, unequivocally pathetic!!!  And I’ve no decent excuse to offer… Mr K put Angel to bed last night and had him put the offending item in a strange little turtle shaped tooth container (Canadians eh?), and then I went out for the evening and (not surprisingly 😉 totally forgot about the whole thing!!

Personally I’ve always found the concept of the ToothFairy more than just a little disconcerting…. I mean, how creepy is it?  You loose a tooth, and then some kleptomanic bint with too much disposable income comes and takes the thing away, leaving  you a hopefully fiscally beneficial token of sorts.  I imagine the ToothFairies (for I am convinced if there is one – there must be many) are like first cousins to Tinkerbell or something, and can envisage them tresspassing on our property, helping themselves to teeth…  :S    But what happens if they start to fancy the ones still in your head?  Or maybe decide that your iPod looks cool, or they might help themselves to other stuff???  How can you protect yourself from them?  Run away…run away!!!

fairy sparkling blonde windswept

But the real question is what is the money for?  Why?  Is it to compensate for trauma, pain and suffering during the tooth loosing process?  Or is it remuneration for having grown the tooth in the first place?  I just don’t get it…..

But….. seeing that it’s one of those socially acceptable deceptions we practice on our children with alarming regularity… who am I to buck the system???  Poor Angel has been duly informed that ToothFairy Pty Ltd mustn’t have heard about his new gaptoothed smile, and that we’ll send their head office an email today so they can send someone tonight   😐

Crumplery goodness

I’m starting to orgy-nize myself for my trip to Turkey and one of the things I need to sort (other than the obvious – flights, tour bookings, accommodation, visas etc) is… luggage…. I need to be able to carry all my stuff myself which, with my interesting back incapacities, means forcing myself to travel as light as possible.  I’ve decided that I’m taking only a 40L pack which is barely the size of a largish day pack.  It might mean I have to do laundry more often… but relatively, it’s a pretty short trip… so hopefully I’ll get by.  When I went to Europe years ago, I had a 75L pack for a 6 month trip, but I had a lot of difficulty carrying it… and the more stuff you can fit in your pack, the more stuff you tend to fit in your pack!!!!  Ultimately, it was just too heavy for my back, so am thinking this revised more cunning plan will hopefully alleviate the tendency to overpack (and maybe even curb the tendency to overshop!….  though that’s not really likely is it? 🙂

I also need some sort if day pack that I can carry at the same time… and I’ve decided that I am going to get one of those groovy, schexy and uber tough Crumpler messenger bags… I always think stuff like this is a bit  too trendy for me  (I’ve never really been one for fashion… give or take a Skipping Girl bag or five!)  but they’ve got one the right size that will serve the purpose… and they so what the hell !  Only problem is they don’t seem to come in pink… sacrilege darh-link!  what to do?  what to do?  🙂

.Maybe the bright colours will distract from the blonde hair in eastern Turkey 😐

Velcum Discipline Monkey

Here we go – I’ve had a request for another monkey (from MD this time) … who’s currently claiming to no longer be a dinner monkey but rather a discipline monkey… and the most disciplined monkey in South East Asia at that!

But we know better – we don’t believe a word of it MD!! 🙂 You’ll note the lovely colour discipline monkey is sporting this season! 😛

my pet!