Throttled again…

Need to do something drastic with my internet plan…. have cable, and I love it.  It seems plenty fast enough (if there is such a thing) and only plays up about once a year – normally when we’ve done something stupid. 🙂   But… I hate the ridiculously small download limit.  Only 10GB  😐 … and when we go over that… we get shaped to a speed that would make a Galapagos Island turtle proud!  

But you know , the best laid plans of mice and men are  gang aft aglay… and we seem to bust the tower every month without fail… even when trying to be careful.  Mind you I’ve never blown it as bad as some of the people I’ve spoken to at work… had a few callers that’ve gone and chewed through their 12GB ADSL limits in about 5 days flat, and then got stuck on dial up speeds for the next 3.5 weeks!  No, never done it quite that bad… thank God.  But I usually seem to have at least a day or two towards the end of the month where we’re shaped for being naughty.

Need to find a better plan Stan!  Was thinking about switching to ADSL, but after what I’ve seen at work, it seems like a nasty unreliable sort of beastie half of the time… would much rather stick with my cable… if only it weren’t so ridiculously expensive to ugrade to a decent DL limit!   :S

Oh… Ein minuten bitte!  It seems to be back up to speed!  Yay! 

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