It’s over again for one more year!

Christmas is done man!  Angel woke me up at 5.21am (exactly) to tell me that Santa had been and he wanted to show off his loot.  Cute, but 5:21am!!!  Give me a break.  So then spent the next three hours waiting around for the rest of the family to come over and rip through the small mountain of pressies under the tree.  We had two adults and two kids less this year, yet the pile of presents seemed even worse than last year! 

Mr K loved the cufflinks we bought for him at Parliament House – Thanks SirPhil for taking me on fly by visit of the gift shop!  Angel was spoilt rotten with a new bicycle, some games and more new Lego than you can poke a stick at and my Mum loved the gifts from my Dad that I spent 5 hours shopping for on his behalf – thank God!!!  Champagne breakfast was relaxed and groovy, and then we went to lunch at Oxley so Angel could see his Granny and the rest of the family.  It’s so hot over there!  More spoiling of small child, including more Lego!  And then lunch (sans corriander for a change!) complete with crackers – then back to Grandma and Poppa’s place for drinks and more nibbles before calling it a day.  Sigh.

Came home, spent a few hours cleaning up, chatted on line with MD in Budapest for a couple of hours and am now Stuffed with a capital “S”.  Am so glad we now have 12 months to recover until we have to do it all again next year !!!

Oh I nearly forgot!  I scored 18 packets of Fruit Tingles this year – it’s a new record!  šŸ™‚

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