Not fun.

I’m not having a fun morning.  Surly dropped that mirror over here, and then Big Sal and the girls turned up … and then Angel disappeared.  He just disappeared.  Last I saw he was in the driveway with that flaming hoover toy, and then I turned around and he was gone.  I was calling his name, went next door looking for him, and he wasn’t there.  Couldn’t find him anywhere.  Big Sal, Surly and I were walking in and around the house and up the street calling his name.  Little bugger was hiding under the covers in his bed, as a joke for Fishy-Bob.  Scared the crap out of me, because I thought he was outside and had gone up the street….

When I eventually found him, I got so upset.  Massive overreaction on my part, and I realise for the last 5 and a half years not a minute has gone by where I haven’t known where he was or with whom.  His whereabouts are always at the back of my consciousness and it was really freaky not knowing where he was.

Not fun.


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