Bane of my existence…

By which i mean grocery shopping of course.  I hate it with a passion, and if i could outsource this particular God awful life administration task, I certainly would.  It’s an hour and a half of my life each fortnight, that I truly resent – fortnightly because the I find the idea of doing it weekly too horrifying a concept to contemplate! 

You’ve got your Dwardlers to navigate, these people seem to be here for ‘just for the experience’.  They dont know what they want.  They’re reading the fat content labels on the pasta sauce.  They’re clogging up the aisles trying to decide if $3.59/kg for laundry detergent is better value than $5.99 for 1.5kg – tell you what, if you can’t do simple math in youre head, bring a goddamn calculator!

Oh, and there’s always Nannas who seem unable to control their trolleys.  In all fairness, trolleys do seem to have a mind of their own, but you’d think the Nannas could make a little efffort not to ram it into my ankles while I’m waiting for some damn inconsiderate and indecisive cheese-challenged Dwardler to get out of the way!

Then there’s always some special little torture waiting for you:  they’ve discontinued your favorite salsa, the Fruit Tingles are no longer coming in a 4 pack, your preferred brand of yoghurt has been repackaged and you just can’t see it!  Or like  today’s bit of torment – there was no kangaroo steaks to be had – not even for ready money  😐

And then of course, there’s the vertiable plethora of Screaming Children  😐  What is it about supermarkets that cause children to misbehave.  Even my little Angel can become a handful at the supermarket.  Maybe it’s just because our attention is diverted, or maybe they truly are a place of angst for children – pretty cleverly marketed shiny things everywhere and you, Kid, can’t have any of it. 

Urgh the whole thing is so awful, by the time i get home and get everything squared away in the pantry etc, I feel totally traumatised…. and yet  strangely content knowing it is over for another fortnight.

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