I have been going back over my entries for the last few months and noticed that just about everything is saved as Private – plenty going on I dont want anyone to share in I guess. It has become such a habit to mark stuff private, that I realise some of what was, doesn’t really need to be, so I have reassessed what I am prepared to share with the world and remarked some stuff as Public.

I mostly use this journal just for me, to try and put my thoughts into some semblance of order, and there are only three friends of mine, who know of it. I feel quite strongly that I dont want any of my thoughts blandered about for just anyone to read, and am quite particular about knowing who has access to them I guess. Some of my friends have these blogs and they appear to be totally open about everything for all and sundry to read…. I dont know how they do it…. There are a lot of people in my life who I dont want in my head at all!

Maybe I just don’t want anyone to get to know me too well…

Tell me what you think