More drivel

The alphabet…
A – Accent: Often mistaken for English when travelling
B – Breakfast Item: drugs
C – Chore you hate: Where to start
D – Dad’s Name: Graham John
E – Essential everyday items: cheese
F – Flavour ice cream: Maple/Pecan
G – Gold or Silver?: Well… gold of course
H – Hometown: Bris Vegas
I – Insomnia: Normally – not so much … but, tonight yes???
J – Job Title: Today? Kinky fish-wife, monkey-sex goddess
K – Kids: One Angel
L – Living arrangements: Married/Mortgage/Mad
M – Mum’s birthplace: Back of Toowoomba somewhere
N – Number of significant others you’ve had: At least 4
O – Overnight hospital stays: Couldn’t count
P – Phobia: Mental Incapacity
Q – Queer: Ask me again next week
R – Religious Affiliation: No thank you
S – Siblings: 2 x sisters; 1 x absent surrogate brother
T – Time you wake up: 0630… oh look in about 2.5 hours
U – Unnatural hair colours you’ve had: Blue, pink, red, dark brown
V – Vegetable you refuse to eat: Capsicum
W – Worst habit: Infidelity
X – X-rays you’ve had: Head, neck, back, blah blah blah
Y – Yummy: Guacamole
Z – Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Why do these things always make you realise that you are as boring as your neighbour?

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