I did my preg test today – another negative. I wasn’t really expecting any other outcome at this point. I think I need to try and make Dr IVF take me a bit more seriously about my reproductive immunological concerns. Not sure how to do this, he seems to be of the opinion that if we just keep trying it will work eventually. It is the ‘eventually’ that is going to kill me though. I am thinking about swapping back to TSIs, but Hubby has some concerns to going back to that. To me this would be a way of giving up IVF without totally giving up our chances of having more children. Without doing this, I dont have any chance at all, and that it totally unacceptable to me still. We used up three good blastocysts this cycle, and that leaves me two blastocysts and one good embryo in the freezer, and one possibly dodgy one from the January pick up. I think we will have one more go at it with the remaining three embryos, (but with natural luteal phase support if possible – I am sick of the Crinone) and then decide whether or not to scale back to TSIs. I think I could probably continue to do TSI cycles indefinately if needs be.

I am not even upset about this negative result, I am beginning to think that I have become so accustomed to these disappointments each month, that it doesn’t penetrate anymore.


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