Giving up is never easy

I am not sure what is changing in my life or in my mind, but I have been to thinking about giving up the IVF. I simply can’t stand how totally it permeates every moment of every day. I find I can’t think about anything else half the time. The Crinone is driving me to distraction, I can’t stand the stuff, and it is getting in the way of my ssex life. And I am tired, I mean really mentally exhausted, from constantly rethinking about every little thing I do each day. It is getting so frustrating, and I realise how much it has taken over my entire life.

No caffeine; No alcohol; No sex; No perfume; No painting; No pain killers; No exercise; No heat packs; No massage or physio!! NO PROBLEM!?!?!

Take your Clomid; Take your Puregon; Take your Progynova; Take your Crinone; Take your Folic Acid; Take your Elevit; Take what ever the hell they want you to take this month; Take your bloody chances – hand over your fuckin money and roll the damned dice… again.

I am over it. Totally and utterly over it.

When I go back to see Dr IVF, I think I am going to quit unless he can find a way we can do this without all the progesterone luteal phase support medication. It just never works for me the way it is supposed to anyway, and I don’t want to take Crinone any more.

But I know IVF is making me miserable, but will I regret it if I dont keep trying? I have no other option for having another child. I wish surrogacy was legal in Queensland, if it was, I probabably would have three kids by now!

I want to give up IVF. I dont want to give up on having another child.

Tell me what you think