Hurry up and wait

I had my embryo transfer this morning, and eveything went well. We had three good embryos to transfer back, two at blastocyst stage and one that was nearly at that stage. It all looked good – like every other cycle though I guess. I am determined not to think on it too much now. I dont want to be concerned unnecessarily, as I normally seem to do. There isn’t anything I can do from here anyway, just take my drugs, and wait and see.

I hate this waiting bit. It always seems interminable. My preg test date is 17/07, so I have 19 days of waiting ahead of me to get a result. A result that will need another few weeks before being confirmed that is.

I have nothing else to say right now. I am starting to feel like most of what is in my head is on these pages now, so that is a good thing – maybe this diary is working for me after all.

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