South America… Whose idea was this?

I’ve been getting ready for this trip for the longest time, and now it’s here; I’m excited and anxious and wondering what the hell I have gotten myself into!

84 nights around South America leaving from Sydney with Mum.

Brazilian Visas – check
Argentinian Reciprocity Fees – check
Yellow fever shots – check
Travel sickness meds – check
Elevation sickness drugs – check
Tours booked in 39 destinations – err, mostly ‘check’?
Currencies exchanged – oh how the fuck am I supposed to know how much money we will need in each location? FFS ‘not really checked’
Packing – not even started ‘unchecked’

I’m sort of organised, but no where near as together as I would prefer to be. I mean, I’ve done enough organising and planning that I feel confident we will have an amazing trip and see loads of incredible places – so long as the weather plays nice with us.

But it’s not the little things that might be unplanned that are unsettling me. No the bit that is making me seriously anxious at the moment, is the leaving the family behind for so long.

It’s a bloody long time to be away from the boys.


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