It’s cold this morning.

Getting ready to head to Japan… have packed Mr K and the Not So Small Child’s suitcases.  Haven’t even started on mine.  It’s bloody cold here this morning – well, for Brisbane anyway.  You know… all things being relative.


Have a list of stuff that needs doing today, including buying Mum a new camera battery, tidying away a bunch of stuff around here, getting keys and things to the Tall Guy who is pretty much house sitting for us… and making a stop at the police station!  As you do.

Because once again, QPS Weapons Licensing have useless bloody systems in place that caused a fuck up, on yet another application. Seems if you have a Cat A/B Minor’s licence and you want to apply for a Minor’s Cat H Licence, you don’t need to apply for a whole new license the way adults do… you just need to apply for a Change of Conditions.  Stupid thing is, when you apply for a Cat H Minor’s licence online, there is nothing to tell you that you don’t need to go through the whole process.

Actually there is nothing to tell you what Minor’s should be doing at all.  You click to the Minor’s application section and there is no where to select Cat H.  So you go back to the main page, and start jumping through the hoops to lodge a Cat H application, until you go to enter the applicants age.  At which point it flicks you to an application for a Minor’s License because they’re under 18.  Ok, new application Minor’s Licence it is.  The system then asks you if the applicant is an existing A/B Licence holder and you tick ‘yes’ and enter their A/B Licence number… at which point it should stop you and tell you that Minor’s don’t need to lodge a whole new application.  But it doesn’t.  Instead it let’s you go through ALL the hoops, even allowing you to select in a Minor’s Licence Application – “NEW CAT H APPLICATION”, even though you have provided their A/B licence number.  And then it prompts you to add all the supporting documentation (photo ID, club membership, pistol club letter of support, Cat H safety course certificate, copy of your A/B licence, letter of permission from parent/guardian, confirmation of address etc) and charges you $160 for the privilege.

The stupid thing is, Minors that already posses their A/B licence only need to lodge a Change of Conditions form which only costs, $8.80.  They don’t have to lodge a whole new application for a Cat H the way adult applicants do. You’d think the system would be smart enough, that when it asks you the applicants age, and if they’re an existing licence holder, and when you enter that the applicant is a Minor and does already hold a licence, that it would just come up with a message saying “MINORS NEED A CHANGE OF CONDITIONS FORM, NOT A WHOLE NEW APPLICATION” instead of leading you down the garden path.

Apparently not.  So… leaving for Japan, and off to the cop shop this morning.  :/

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