Shiny Speedloaders!

Bought a new revolver recently (a Smith and Wesson, 686 6″ .38/357) so naturally needed some speedloaders to go with it.  Most of the guys down the range use moonclips, but I have found they are a little tedious and they require a bit more hand strength than I have on a good day.

Yale found some very cool machined speedloaders and range blocks from Five Star Firearms in the States.  They’re absolutely gorgeous, and no doubt a lot sturdier, compared to the plastic ones I’ve seen around the place at the range.  Even with the international shipping and the declining exchange rate factored in, these worked out quite reasonable in price, due to the ridiculous markups we cop on everything shooting related that the local gun shops can order in.

So… shiny shiny speedloaders for the win!

five star firearms speedloader smith and wessonfire star firearms range block fire star firearms rangeblock2




five star firearms speedloaders 1imageimageimage

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