For crying out loud, they’re just boobs.

For some reason the internets are absolutely going mad about Jennifer Lawrence’s boobs, (you know, the young chickie from The Silver Lining Playbook and The Hunger Games movies).  So much so, even a little side boob sends the media into a photo frenzy.  I’m told that the fuss all stems from the fact that she hasn’t gone completely topless for any photo shoots or in any of her films.  Jesus titty fucking Christ, they’re just boobs, people!  Give it a rest.  But that seems highly unlikely for some reason, so what I want to know is – what exactly is it, with this girl’s tits?  Does she have beer flavoured nipples or something?

jennifer lawrence boobs tits 2 jennifer lawrence boobs tits 5 jennifer lawrence boobs3 jennifer lawrence side boob tits jennifer lawrences boobs tits side 1 > on February 23, 2013 in Santa Monica, California. JenniferLawrence-boobs tits side esquire01

jennifer lawrence boobs tits 8


One thing is for sure… she’s not shy about being scantily clad.  It’s probably only a matter of time until it’s all hanging out and they will leave her the hell alone.

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